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What is the Dashboard?

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 02:50PM CDT
When you log into your account for the first time, you'll be taken to your "Dashboard". This is the administrative hub of your fundraiser. Here you will be able to contribute lots of valuable content to make the fundraiser shine! You can also get there by clicking on your name after you've logged in, then picking My Pages, then clicking Edit Fundraiser.

The easiest way for team members to participate is by sending invites to supporters, posting positive photos, sharing your happiest memory with the recipient, and thanking donors. You can do all of this in your dashboard.

Fundraising Team: In this tab you are able to invite more people to help you manage and promote the page. Great team members have a wide network of friends and family, who are able to drum up lots of support! 

If you are the Team Captain of the fundraising page, you are able to edit any team members in this section. You can delegate a new Team Captain by clicking on their name and changing their role in the fundraiser. The Team Captain is also able to remove a team member by clicking on the particular individual's name. 


In this tab, you'll be able to invite supporters to donate to the fundraising page. You can either upload your personal email contacts, or manually type in an email address. We have seen that when you are sending messages through our system, it's best to send them out in small batches - around 20 at a time. Google Chrome is also the best browser to use while working in the site. You can get a free download here:

You can also send personalized messages to Facebook friends in this tab. Remember, people are much more supportive if they know you took the time to write them a personal email. If you have the time to do so, the extra effort on your part will pay off.

Also under the "Supporters" tab, team members are able to send thank you messages to the donors and huggers. These emails will go directly to the donor's email, even if they are anonymous. 

Photos & Video:

In this section of your dashboard, you can post photos and videos of the person you're raising money for. We have seen that happy, positive photos resonate well with potential supporters. Anywhere from 4-6 pictures is best. Tell a visual story about your loved one in this section. It's a great way to personalize the fundraising page and let potential donors really connect to your cause. 


This tab of the Dashboard is where you can post any goings-on and updates on the condition of the person you're supporting. Any reason to update is great! It's a great way to keep supporters in the loop with the fundraising page. These updates will post to the fundraising page, be emailed out to everyone you have invited, along with supporters who have donated. You can opt to share the update on Facebook, as well.


In this section of the Dashboard, only the Team Captain will be able to edit information - including description, goal amount, and end date. Under this tab, team members are able to add links and edit their email notification preferences. 


This tab is only available to the Team Captain and Funds Manager - it has personal information regarding the payment method and the fees for the fundraser. This section is where the Funds Manager is able to access their WePay account to set up withdrawals (learn more here). 

Customer Support: 

Here you will see the shining happy face of your personal fundraising coach! They are your GiveForward guru if you have any questions or concerns during your fundraising efforts. We love what we do, and we love to hear from people like you. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Happy fundraising! 

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