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Building a Fundraising Team

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2014 10:11AM CDT

When it comes to raising money for a loved one in need, there is no limit to how many individuals can help rally the financial and emotional support it takes to get through a difficult time.  Here at GiveForward, we understand the power of a strong support system, which is why our fundraisers have not just one Team Captain, but an entire fundraising team! Many users have been using fundraising teams over the past year to collectively upload photos, create updates and invite supporters from their own personal network of friends/family.

Why are fundraising teams so important?

Fundraisers with at least two-person teams have been found to raise (on average) 5x more money than fundraisers with just one Team Captain.  This is probably because adding just one more team member to your fundraiser can potentially increase your pageviews by 150%!

What’s the magic number? We’ve found that having 5 team members tends to lead to the most success, as those fundraisers with a total of 5 team members have an average amount raised of $8,672!  Don’t worry if you can’t think of 4 other people to join your fundraising team– every extra team member is found to help increase the success of your fundraiser! And don’t worry if 4 people don’t immediately come to mind– that’s what we’re here for:

Who should be on your fundraising team?

The best team members are actually those outside of your own network or circle of friends/family, as your promotional efforts will have a wider reach and won’t have as much cross over. By empowering one individual per network that your loved one is a part of, you can reach a huge audience of those who are personally connected to the cause. When thinking about who can be a great team member, focus on who you are trying to support, and what is important to them. Some ideas of where to reach out:

  • family: parent, sibling, children, or partner
  • friends: childhood companion and current BFF
  • work: past or present co-workers
  • spiritual group: leaders or fellow members
  • online community: forum moderators or administrators
  • school: high school or college friends, and even alumni groups
  • extended family: like a cousin or favorite aunt
  • organization or group: PTA or intramural teams
  • community: block party organizers and helpful neighbors

And let’s not forget the most important team member of all, the person you’re raising money for!  They can have the most powerful role, because their Updates on how they are doing and personal invites to potential supporters will help create a powerful presence in the fundraising efforts.

Some fun facts about fundraising teams on GiveForward

  • The biggest fundraising team has 19 team members!
  • The most successful team on GiveForward has raised over $879,000!
  • We started the “fundraising teams” feature because our fundraisers were raising money with teams on their own before we even offered it! We noticed their creativity and decided to build it in for them!

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