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Why is my deleted GiveForward page still showing up in search engines?

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 11:29AM CDT
Creating a GiveForward page means that you’ve created your very own page on the Internet!

Search engines re-visit web pages on different schedules; sometimes hourly and sometimes monthly, depending on that page’s popularity. While GiveForward can delete your page immediately upon request, your page will not disappear from search results immediately. Once your page is re-visited by a search engine, your page will be removed from search results.

If your deleted GiveForward page is still appearing in search and someone clicks on the link, they will instead see the GiveForward homepage. So while your page is still available in search results, you can rest assured that the deleted GiveForward page will not be visible.

How and when to send Google a request to remove the information:

Google will eventually remove your GiveForward page, but if you'd like it done sooner, follow the steps below:
1.     Copy the URL you'd like removed from search engines.
2.     Navigate to this page.
3.     Paste in the URL copied that you’d like removed.
4.     Submit your request.


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